Government Records Enforcement, Accountability and Transparency Act
In order for our constitutional republic to survive, the Congress and the Executive Administration must provide us with transparency, accountability and integrity. After many years of the most secretive administrations, I decided to run for Congress. I believe in order to have faith and trust in our government, we must also have the tools to scrutinize it. As your Representative, I pledge to fight against bureaucratic stonewalling and fight for the free flow of information. If elected this bill will be the first step in keeping my pledge to you.
My bill eliminates current loopholes in federal law and policy.  It creates a division within all agencies whose sole duty is the collection, maintenance, and preservation of records, and it mandates 48 hour reporting. If records are missing or destroyed, the bill includes civil and criminal penalties for those who break the law.
Below is a copy for download as well as image files for easy viewing on a smartphone.
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