March 22, 2016
 Brussels Terror Attacks   
Today’s cowardly attack in Brussels should serve as a wakeup call for politicians across the globe.  But sadly, when reality conflicts with the ideology of many in Europe, as well as many in power in the United States, reality rarely prevails. Those very same ideologues, who respond today with stark condemnation, will commence their apology tour in the coming days. As we witnessed in the aftermath of the San Bernardino and Paris attacks, legitimate concern and justifiable outrage will surely be met with charges of racism and islamophobia.

America must be ever vigilant in the face of an enemy who hides in the shadows and chooses a battlefield where innocent civilians are slaughtered with the very reverence the Nazis showed the Jews. We are at war with a people who do not fight by the rules and refuse the burden of honor. Unless we heed to the reality at hand, our Trojan horse will bear the name “REFUGEE”.
Jamieson Gradert
March 12, 2016
   Trump Rally Chicago, Il.   
It is a sad day in America, last night the right to peaceably assemble was stripped from thousands of Americans, due to the intolerance of a political party to opposing views. No matter how controversial the remarks or positions of any candidate. It is wholly un-American for any institution, organization or individual to engage in the tactics witnessed in Chicago. Through the actions of rioters, the First Amendment Rights of every person in attendance was substantially infringed and a blow was dealt to the system of governance that America has practiced and at times shed blood to improve since our founding.
The actions of various organizations and individuals, weather they were present, played a roll of encouragement or expressed their approval in the disruption of a peaceable assembly, have soiled our election process through the employment of intimidation and violence. Tactics that have long been a staple among totalitarian and authoritarian governments across the world. These actions will forever be an unacceptable form of petition or protest in the United States of America. 

I call on every American to denounce this assault on the election process and call for an investigation into all organizations and individuals responsible.

Jamieson Gradert

July 20, 2015
Guinta's Plaistow Town Hall

Guinta continues to show his distaste for criticism as he demonstrated in his Plaistow, "Town Hall", today.
An event scheduled for 3pm on a Monday shows his contempt for the average working constituent. In a room of about a dozen folks, Guinta defended Obamacare by focusing most of his speech on repealing a "Cadillac tax" created by the health care monstrosity and failing to recognize the impact the law has on all families, as well as thousands of medical professionals across the Granite State.
Touching on the Heroin epidemic, Guinta assured the room that he was having discussions with local law enforcement about what to do. An issue that has torn thousands of families apart across New England deserves far more than mere lip service. Guinta provided no details and failed to recognize how Heroin was even making it to the streets. He spoke briefly about New Hampshire's sentencing guidelines but provided no viable alternatives on either a state or federal level.

During the questions and answers portion he clearly only acknowledged planted questions to which he still provided non-answers and repetitive rhetoric. One constituent attempted to ask how he planned to comply with the FEC repayment order and was quickly cut off by the event organizer claiming that it was partisan to talk about Frank's misdealings. Then, allowed a Carrol Shea-Porter staffer to ask a blatantly partisan question unopposed.

We The People need leaders in Washington, Leaders who are unafraid to answer the tough questions. Leaders who will approach our most pressing issues with rolled up sleeves and make real attempts to solve them. Most of all leaders, who represent the people of the Granite State for who they are; unafraid, hard working, honest, and to the point.
June 1, 2015
   I have launched a one of a kind campaign. A campaign meant to show Washington's political elite that the regular men and women of this country still have a voice. No amount of special interest money can sway our vote. It is time for the people to take a stand. 
No more corruption!
No more secret deals!
No More Hidden Money!
No More Lies!!!
This is our country, these are our lives, our rights, and our property. 
Time to send these double talking lawyers back where they belong!! In the court room lying to 12 jurors at a time not We The People!